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game is unplayably stuttery with 8gb of ram


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just as it sounds, the game takes up 97% of my ram, [i have 8gb] and is very stuttery because of that, nearly unplayable and with frequent crashing due to memory usage. cant even play the game. amazing.


windows 7 sp1, latest updates

amd fx6300 six core processor at 3.5ghz

8gb kingston ddr3 ram

1050ti, latest drivers



jesus christ i just want to play the game at a frame rate above 20

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Have you tried defragmenting your HDD and if so what kind of defragmenting did you do?

You have a better graphics card than I do and yet I now run the game smoothly since A17.4

I only get stuttering when I turn on specific graphic options in game.



Do you do a custom profile for 7D2D using Nvidia control panel?

Also can you take a screen shot of your setting in 7D2D. I would like to see your setting, problem might be wrong settings.

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no, it has nothing to do with my graphics card, its an issue with the game taking up all of my ram for no good reason


like is said before EVERYTHING is at the lowest possible setting


People with lesser systems than you appear to be running the game fine AND offering solutions and or tools that may help. Instead of stubbornly blaming the game it might be useful to try listening....


In that manner I'll offer my suggestion. Try turning resolution down. My wife who only has 6 gig of RAM on a 6 year old laptop, found that really helpful and was able to turn textures back up. She has a little stutter but its playable.

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A 1050 is bottom-end for it's bracket, but it should still be capable of 40-60 FPS at 1080p with moderate settings.


The game relies heavily on CPU and RAM, and if your HDD is slow, that will affect gameplay as well.


I offered to help further, but without detailed information from the Speccy report, there isn't much I can tell you to do other than upgrade the core hardware.

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it has nothing to do with my gpu or cpu, its an issue with the game taking up all of my ram[ATTACH=CONFIG]28711[/ATTACH]


Ok, your obviously correct, the game is just unplayable. All the rest of us that are playing without issues must be doing something terribly wrong.


One has to wonder since we all downloaded the same game, what is the difference...hmmmm. If we could just come up with some variables between systems that can and systems that can't play we'd be on to something.

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