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16.4 Dishong Tower Bug?


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Game Type: Survival

Map Type: Navezgane

Seed/Save Name: Tower Survival

Disk or Digital: Digital

DLC: None

Character: Raye (Custom)

Difficulty: Adventure

Run: ?

Aggression: Normal

Day length: 18

Drop On Death: Backpack only

Enemy memory:

Enemy Spawning: On

Block durability:

Loot respawn time: 5 Days

Loot abundance: 100%

Airdrops: Every 7 Days

24 hour cycle: 60 Minutes

In-game Day: Day 33

Installed Game Location (Console / HDD): M.2

Remaining Space in install Location: 229 GB


If playing Online Multiplayer, and it is potentially a connection issue, please include:


Are you Host or Client: Host

Upload Speeds (while playing the game): 430 Mbps

Download Speeds (While playing the game): 40 Mbps

NAT type: Open

Wired or Wireless connection: Wireless

Internet Service Provider (ISP): Xfinity / Comcast

Router connected to console: NA

How many console connected to same router: NA



Hi, so I just started this world like 4-5 days ago. Brand new save, 16.4, no mods. Etc etc. Saw the Dishong tower challenge and wanted to try. Started noticing random holes in the ground, assumed it was zombies, but I don't believe zombies can make perfect diagonals though the blocks that go through 3-4 floors?


I thought it may have been structural integrity, but I can place blocks in those holes, fill them in and if someone stands on them they will fall. I also started mining some of the random conglomerate blocks under the medical floor and it started making cracks in the walls.




Here's a screenshot I grabbed.

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Last I checked, 16.4 wasn't available on the PC4 or X-Box.


Sounds like something strange, but definitely not enough detail to figure out what's going on there.

Screenshots or hardware Specs?


If this is for the PC, we can move it to the correct forum section.

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