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How is this for a realistic base plan?

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Right now on a random gen world. I found the military outpost with the concrete walls with 2 watch towers, command tent, barracks, chow hall and kitchen. On day 5 right now and I have placed 3 rows (1st row along the wall are in a ditch) of wood spikes in front of the two chain link fences with reinforced wood frames on the other side of the fencing. Here is my current plan to survive the next weeks.


1> I was going to line the rest of the walls with 1 row of wood spikes against the wall about about another 4 rows of spikes going out as the wood spikes seem to be fast to create.


2> Finishing that I am going to do a wood frame bridge out the rear as 1 means of escape with a 1 space gap. This way until I have my next phase of the fort complete I have a means of escape.


3> In the bathroom of the barracks the plan was to dig a hole and make a tunnel leading to a nearby hill to make an exit. Figure I could easily put a door at one end and hatch in the building. This way I have 2 escape paths for later hordes.


4> Fortify the barracks building with a row of spikes outside and knock a hole in the roof. Hoping to have this done late week two in hopes that I can build a bridge from a watch tower over to the building and if the horde breaches the walls I can easily get to the escape hatch or over to the wall escape route.


Mind you I am in the forest biome and to my west is a snow one and to my north and south are deserts currently. My goal is to build on the base in the early morning on the outside and then do some scavenging. Come back and night and work on the internal fortification. :)

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This is what I done with that poi. An older post from awhile back. It works pretty good. No spikes used


I know this doesn't have anything to do with the challenge. I came across this picture and remembered talking about it somewhere but anyway thought I would share. It was a military camp that the group I play with and turned to this. We merged the two regular buildings. Put a 2nd wall around and we use the small tent to the left to lead to our mineshaft. We use the bigger tent to put some weapons and tools in. We leave the bathroom and two bed rooms where they are and put another two bedrooms and bathroom above them to match. We leave the kitchen where it is and update it some and then the dining area we have our workstation against the walls and put in tables across the room and put storage boxes on top of them then we put signs in front of them to label them. Then above the kitchen and dining room area we have a master bedroom with a master bathroom. Then the rooftop garden. If paint comes in the next update we should be able to make it look even better. I know this isn't completely from scratch but some stuff you can't craft and we don't play in creative. So we like to use as much as we can in the world that you can't make.


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There is an identical base north of the first one. New plan is to tunnel from the original base over to the new one and connect the two. Basically I will do the tunneling on the non-horde nights so that my days are still spent scouting for a nearby town/city. Also a nearby house has a forge already so it looks like if I can find a town within reasonable distance I have it made in the shade.

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