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Ah! Ahaha! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!! (Discussions about forum rules and plea to change them ...


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*continued title:* ... because it actively harms activity in the forum.


This is a joke right?

Not only did I try to stay in the question subforum, where no admin is so it is a useless forum,

not only did the question in there exist for MONTHS before I came,

not only did I stop it after I received a... insufficient answer,

NOT ONLY did the mod not feel the need to ANSWER my question

NOT ONLY THAT!!! He had the audacity to remove the posts after a total of one week has passed (because that is how long nobody looked into that channel in which all questions are moved into, even those that are more discussions than questions)

and give me a "warning" for "bumping" a thread (i started writing a small little story about a man in a deserted town, just to see how long it would take for SOMEONE to notice)







Dear Viktoriusiii,


You have received a warning at 7 Days to Die Forums.




Rule Violation


We have a rule against bumping threads, and you're breaking it multiple times in this thread. Crying out to no one in particular that your question should be heard and responded to is bad netiquette, and it is not acceptable.



Original Post:


*echo coming back at me*

Hellooou-? Hellou HellouHellouuHellouHellouuuuu

Warnings serve as a reminder to you of the forum's rules, which you are expected to understand and follow.


All the best,

7 Days to Die Forums



My plea is to rewrite forum rules and to give moderators other orders.

DON'T move stuff anymore. Everything besides the general discussion board is dead anyways. It actively deters people from posting here.

DON'T give out warnings to people having fun in a deserted subforum. If you need to keep those, at least let people the freedom to actually have fun.

DON'T give them conflicting orders (to move stuff that is vaguely to an already existing thread, but closing those because of "necroing" them)



don't try to be EA or some other big company.

You are not. This forum is nearly dead and these braindead actions actively hurt this community. I am not saying that it is anyones fault. I am just advocating to stop moving and merging new discussions, because it is harming newer players as much as it does old veterans like me.




PS: anyone know what "advanced fuels" are? Because in the question subforum I didn't get an answer. Are they not in the game yet? Were they those biofuel thingies that were removed? Thank you!

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Discussing moderation openly and posting correspondence with moderators publicly is blatantly against the rules. These sorts of discussions just tend to devolve into flame wars with people picking sides. Questions that nobody knows the answer to (such as advanced fuels) are not going to get an answer regardless of what subforum they are in.


Despite the OP's hatred of the question forum, it is a fact that most questions there are responded to and questions that are posted there stay on the front page to be noticed quite a bit longer than they do in the discussion forum. There is nothing wrong with the questions forum and a thread that is compelling will attract views and comments wherever it resides.


Please do not continue this conversation. The moderation staff has criteria in place that guides us in moving a thread or not and we are always happy to hear an appeal if offered respectfully and in private. If you feel that your post or thread was moved in error just let us know in a PM and we will discuss it as a team.


Just recently I returned some posts to the Dev Diary after the poster contacted me privately and made their case as to why I made a mistake. I agreed with them and moved the posts back. Earlier this year some threads were moved to the questions forum and after discussing them in response to some feedback we moved them back to General Discussions.


A well sorted forum is a better forum and while we do make mistakes, the majority of our moderation actions are on target and we are willing to discuss the rest and very possibly reverse ourselves if you contact us appropriately.

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