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Is it possible to have a personalized description?


<property name = "DescriptionKey" value = "armorMilitaryGroupDesc" />


thank you in advance :smile-new:


You bet there is.


We do this by changing the Localization.txt file.


Any changes you make will have to be reapplied with any update as the update or if you validate your files through steam as the Localization.txt file would be overwritten.


The specific line in question is this

armorMilitaryGroupDesc,items,Clothes,KgNone,Light armor will encumber you a little and provides some protection against damage.\nIt will not protect you from the weather.\nRepair with Military Fiber.,L'armure militaire offre une protection optimale en tant qu'armure et une protection modérée contre les intempéries.,Militنrische Ausrüstung bietet den besten Rüstungsschutz und einen moderaten Schutz vor der Witterung.,,La armadura militar proporciona la mejor defensa de armadura y protecciَn moderada contra el clima.,


How it works is

nameDesc,items,Clothes,basicChangeType,"Description in English of item or object and can either have quotations marks or not. \n means a new line",French,German,Klingon,Spanish,Polish

Things to note:

- leave the language names blank if you don't have a description in that language)

- there will always be the same number of comma's in the localization as this is how the information is parsed.

- If you want to make an item have a unique name and a unique description you would need 2 lines. lets use the armorMilitaryGloves as an example:


In the localization we would do this:

armorMilitaryGloves,items,Clothes,KgNone,Military Oven Mittens,,,,,
armorMilitaryGlovesDesc,items,Clothes,KgNone,"Oven mittens that would make any veteran proud!",,,,,


I recommend to use mr.devolver's Mod Localization loader found HERE

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