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[Recipes help] Craftable Beakers/Nitrate Powder/Brass

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So as the title says, I would like to be able to craft those 3 as they are few in the game (especially those beakers, thought they'll be at the pop n pills hospital but it seems that all changed" and i am no expert at mining. That and they are essential to craft weapon ammo, am currently running horde every night game (Glock 9 yeah!) so I really need those damn ammo.


I have tried to add in recipes for those 3 but i am only successful on making a craftable lump of coal:


<recipe name="resourceScrapBrass" count="20" craft_area="chemistryStation" craft_time="120" craft_exp_gain="2">

<ingredient name="resourceScrapIron" count="10"/>

<ingredient name="resourcePotassiumNitratePowder" count="5"/>

<ingredient name="resource_Coal" count="5"/>



<recipe name="toolBeaker" count="1" craft_area="forge" material_based="true">

<ingredient name="unit_glass" count="20"/>

<ingredient name="unit_clay" count="5"/>



<recipe name="resourcePotassiumNitratePowder" count="5" craft_area="chemistryStation" craft_time="10" craft_exp_gain="2">

<ingredient name="resourceCoal" count="5"/>

<ingredient name="resourceWood" count="5"/>

<ingredient name="resourceScrapIron" count="2"/>



Could anyone please point out the mistakes there and if there are things to add? (or if it's completely wrong, please put your own code in if you have the time >.<) Thanks a lot!

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