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Not for the Faint of Heart - {TPG} Darkness Falls Adults Only!

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Darkness Falls Adults Only 25 years of age or older Only.

Two Penguins Gaming




At time of this post we are:


Difficulty - HARD


24 hour in game cycle 125 Real Life minutes

Daylight Length 18 hours

Zombies day/night Walk

Ferals Run

Blood Moon Jog

Loot Respawn 30 days

Drop on Death Back Pack Only

Airdrops 7 days


We are on Day 47 at time of this post.


For invite requirements contact on Discord: Two Penguins Gaming#5726


You must be 25 or older

NO VAC or Community bans for last 7 years on any game. :spy:

Send a link to your Steam profile to Two Penguins Gaming#5726 on Discord

Add Two Penguins Gaming#5726 as friend on discord.


Our goal is 500 days MINIMUM before reset which is equivalent to 1000 days on many servers.


We will expand slots as needed. Up to 1/2 of server slots will be reserved for Monthly

Donors who help cover server rental and upkeep cost.


We have hidden treasures placed in game with clues in Discord as a bonus to players.


Community based members as well as independent style players are welcome.


Remember this is Alpha and things happen. Don't spend an hour complaining and irritating people. Chill, Relax and don't let it get to you. It is NOT worth it. Say your peace and let it go.



There is ZERO TOLERANCE for:

Abuse of any player

Abuse of known glitches in any part of the program






We are looking for players in the USTZ Pacific/Mountain/Central/Eastern


For more information Friend and contact:

On Discord: Two Penguins Gaming#5726

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