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Gear comparison backwards


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Does anyone else feel that the gear comparison is backwards? If I'm wearing an item that has 8/8 heat and cold resist, and mouse over an item with 4/4 heat and cold resist, the tooltip displays a comparison change of +4/+4 (Being that my equipped item is 4 better than the one I'm comparing). In any other game I've played with comparisons, it displays the highlighted item's prospective stat changes instead of what the equipped item's. I feel like this should be reversed, how does everyone else feel about it? For me, it just causes confusion, and I have to sit there thinking about which way it is showing. The friends I play with find it confusing as well, with at least one not noticing that it's backwards and making wrong gearing decisions based on that.


(It also only shows comparisons for stats that are on the item being compared. So if I am mousing over an item that only has 8/8 heat and cold resist, it doesn't show that I would be losing 8 armor, etc if I unequip the current piece. This could jsut be a product of the system still being developed, though)

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