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Random mini-horde mod?


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Hey survivors, this is more of a mod suggestion for any modder out there [slash] beginner modding info post.


What about a random mini-horde mod?


Let me explain. This idea came to me immediately while playing World War Z for the first time (great game btw). For those who don't know about the game, it is also a zombie game and at the end of each map you are usually met with a large horde you have to fend off in order to complete the map. This is equivalent to a horde night in 7D so we already have that. However, in WWZ you are also met with smaller, yet still scary, hordes at certain points of the map depending on how much noise you make before reaching the "boss horde"<--(not really what they're called, I made it up, but you get the point).


This really keeps you on your toes in that game and IMO adds an awesome scare factor that I very much miss in 7D.


Think about it? Yes, we have "small hordes" inside buildings, the random placement on Z's throughout the world and wandering hordes. But let's be perfectly honest here, does any of those things scare any of you anymore? I don't know about you guys but I don't get feaked out anymore by any of them. In fact, I get excited whenever I see a wandering horde, becuase at this point it's just a large # of free experience points.


So I was thinking, why not add a similiar feature in 7D where at random times you get a small horde that is targeted directly at you no matter where you are at like they do on horde night?


Here are a few example scenarios that I can visualize with this mod just to paint a clearer picture;


Sceneario 1) The horde night is over and now you're in the process of rebuilding your base on the outside and all of sudden from out of no where you are getting attacked by another small herd of Z's that is doing even further damage. Now you have to think quickly on how to approach the situation. You're already running low on ammo, thinking you didn't need to anymore for a while. Your spikes are already destroyed. Some of your turrets are out of ammo so they aren't working and the others are running low. Your walls are already destroyed in certain places so they are starting to get into the interior and tearing ♥♥♥♥ apart.


Scenario 2) It's 8:53pm coming up on horde night and you have everything set up and ready to go. You feel confident in your preparation when all of sudden...bam! Hit a small horde that unexpectedly appears. Now, not only do you have to fend off the incoming horde heading your way but now you have to fight off this group and fix any damage done before the blood moon begins in just 2 hours! If not, now you have to deal with it all at once.....good luck!


Scenario 3) You are out trying to complete a quest and you already know you are going to have to deal with whatever Z's are inside the building. But what you don't expect is also have to deal with a horde that suddenly appear filled with a bunch of other hungry Z's who are tearing down everything in the house, including your precious loot boxes/items and now you are also restrained to limited zoned area if you wanna complete quest. What do you do?



Now This part of my post is about the "modding info" that I hope to get help with from experience modders.


I know nothing about modding. But since I have always wanted to learn how to create my own mods and beings I'm the type who doesn't like to ask others to put into hours of work just to fill my personal wants/needs. I would like to create this mod myself--IF it is even possible for a beginner!


Which is my first question about putting a mod like this together. Among others.


Q 1) Is this something that may be too advanced to implement on my own as a beginner?


Q 2) Is something like this even possible to begin with that would also be compatible with other mods? I.e guppy's bloodmoon, wandering traders, bandits, etc?


Q 3) What would be the best approach to take in creating a mod like this--And or what should I learn how to create first? Modlet, SDX or DMT? (I assume Modlet would be the easiest way after looking at guppycur's bloodmoon mod files, but can't say for sure. Sorry I know very little about the correct terminology or meaning)


Q3a) Reason I'm asking is pretty straight forward, but I have spent today watching and reading mod tutorials by xyth, buggi, sphereii and others (thank you all for those btw) which has helped alot in learning some of the basics. But then I came across DMT and in the thread it states that DMT is the future replacement of SDX. So I'm trying to be a forward thinker here. If the answer is SMX but SMX is being weeded out, I don't want to start creating a mod that is going to be obsolete in a short period and essentially leave me having to learn/rewrite the entire code again. If that makes sense? I hope I worded that right...


Q4) I also understand the importance of optimization across several systems. So IF this is even possible, would it be better if I eliminated something like the wandering hordes or something in case they spawned at the same time?


Sorry for such a long post. Was just wanted to be more clear on my intent.

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A very clear post about where you want to go is encouraging :)


There already a few mods already that give this experience of being under constant threat by hordes perhaps slightly different to your idea but this may possible. There are some mods that increase wandering horde sizes and the frequency they spawn.


Full Mods such as GNA Horde Mode and the BorderlandZ spring to mind in particular ........ jrbarrios and rewtrg increased spawn rate modlets are also quite good.


You have a vision of what you want to do already so first of all as a new modder it may be wise to go to the mods section and see what people have done already as these may provide valuable pointers as to what is involved.




Q1) This could be a little bit overwhelming at the beginning , best off by starting by making small changes via modlets this aids the learning process and there will be loads of stuff to learn. This way you can build up your mod idea in sections test and then implement. This is of course unless you are already well versed in C#then DMT would be your best bet, if not start with xml and xpath.


Q2) Anything is possible (well almost) in Xpath and more so with SDX and Harmony knowledge, so yes but it is wise to look at other modlets such as the modlets mentioned above to see what impact your mod may have on those.


Q3) Answered in Q1 and Q2 reply


Q3a Also answered in Q1 and Q2 reply and yes DMT is the future if you want to start at an advanced level but its wise if your new to go Xpath to learn more about the games possibilities. Then DMT may be where you want to go after that.


Q4) Game mods can affect performance so you have to think of lower specs and where possible providing options for them .


Wandering hordes at present may just wander by but the mechanics in the game allow you to alter what they are attracted to , in my Classic Zombies modlet I made zombies and hordes more sensitive to sound so if you want to bring a horde your way just make noise.


But the horde mechanics are in game already maybe just alter to your liking, to get more specific horde appearances may require altering trigger events and goes into the more if it cant be done via xml then an SDX / Harmony solution may be required.


Good luck with your decision in whatever you decide as this community welcomes any new modder and idea's, I started out six months ago with minimal knowledge but idea's , so you have it in your own hands.


Ragsy !

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