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In-Line Power Sources, Selective Mode Motion Senors & Electric Doors/Drawbridge


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Proposed Additions:


In-Line Power Sources

- The Ability to have Multiple Power Sources (Solar/Generator) connected In-Line, Since you allow it with the Battery Backups not sure why you won't allow it on Power Sources also.


Selective Activation Mode Motion Sensors

- You already have this ability programmed in the game with the Turrets [ Enemy, Strangers, Allies, Self ], why not add that ability also to Motion Sensors, heck I don't even care if you just give me the ability to mod in something like this in XML properties so I can add everything myself to the motion sensors.


Electric Doors / Drawbridges / Hatches

- So this would be great in conjunction with The Selective Activation Mode Motion Sensors.

If I just target self and Allies, they are the only ones that will be able to trigger the motion sensor to open the doors.



Countdown Timer Relay: Once Relay is triggered it will be active (provide power) for a time that will count down. This would work great in conjunction with something like a pressure plate, although the issue comes in once the pressure plate is un-pressed how would the timer relay work, maybe put the actual timer in the pressure plate or other item that could use it?



I had a couple other idea's but the escape me right now. I will have to post again when I remember what they are.

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Oh, I remember now what the other thing was, the Motion Sensors do not work when the player is in a Vehicle, why is that. Is this actually a bug or a feature that was not added yet, if it is a feature not added yet, I think this needs to be added.

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