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Dread Wolf Productions looking for new players

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what the f*** is up everyone, We are Dread Wolf Productions and we are currently looking for players to join our game. We have roughly 15 game days left to find 2 players that are as crude yet respectful as we are to start recording where we left off. a bit of background, we have over 200 hours of game play each, we are hard at work on a youtube channel with over 20 hrs of recorded game play on console, 10 of which are in editing, 3 are in final editing/branding. after we finish editing the game play from console, that will be the end of season 1 and 2 for us totaling roughly 20 videos per season! we plan to kick season 3 off on pc version the right way with everything needed to run the best graphics and get the most out of our videos.


Some kind of important stuff or what ever: We do not expect you to do anything with editing if you are not comfortable with it, although, experience in editing is a plus. you are not expected to record your game play for us. you do not have to have amazing graphics unless you decide to record game play for us and even then they don't have to be top notch. if we make money, you make money. no "dealer takes a cut" rule here. any money made will be split 100% evenly between all players. if no money is made, what ever I don't care. I play for fun. don't get me wrong, I would love for this to pay the bills and become my full time but until that happens im here to have a good time.




Alpha 17.3


Must have a crude, offended by nothing personality (we push boundaries)


Must be respectful and mindful of other players


S*** talking is an absolute must but bullying is never aloud. (there is a difference between having fun and being a d**k)


Able to be on regularly. if you decide to join be dedicated.


Able to play between 9pm to 2am central time (Chicago time)


MUST be ok with being recorded.


if you meet the criteria pm me or hit me up on steam. we will also come pick you up at your first spawn point and bring you to our base. unless for some reason you would rather walk.

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