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a17 map size comparison to a16

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Context, everyone complaining about a17 Rwg map sizenavezgane is quite small as it turns out, 4k


Red Circle is A16 RWG map size, 10k*3.14 = 314 square km

just realized this is not the diameter of a16 rwg, it generates 10k from the center, making this 20k*3.14 = 628 square km


which means 25k world needed in a17 to equal that.

i was able to generate a 24k world in nitroGEN, but ran of memory on launch, and i have 32gb ddr4. sooo, maybe someday, or maybe on a server with 128gb of ram it could load.


but the reason for the size difference is simple. it was a trade off of pregen now, and take more time to load, but better performance ingame, vs a16 method of quicker to load, but have to generate as you encounter a chunk, which always lead to massive lag

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