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Errors compiling equipment.cs class in dnspy

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I am interested in expanding damage types to be usable on ammo and more types on weapons and have more gameplay effects. The last time I coded was NWN in C script, and some Perl for work (coding was not my main IT function but I'm interested in career change these days too) in the dark ages of the .com crash but thanks to Dominix, Hal9000's tools and SphereII's tutorial on SDX and I have been decompiling and poking around and even making stuff work thanks to these giants!


I've added a console command mod to put entityalive stuff to sleep in DMT as a test of where I want to go eventually and it works!


I want to add damage types to eventually be able to create weapons that do different things such as put enemies to sleep, poison, freeze, etc and there is some functionality declared for this stuff I found but not very robust, or so it seems to me..


I made a hammer in xml with the blackout damagetype tag but it failed to add. I realized not all the damagetypes declared elsewhere were parsed in Equipment class, so I went to add this line as a next step on the climb to bigger and more exciting errors:


public static FastTags blackoutDamage = FastTags.Parse("blackout");


and recompile and I got the following




I am only working from a copy when I compile like so // D:\DMT\Working\7DaysToDie_Data\Managed\Assembly-CSharp_dnspymodded.dll


Then if it compiles properly I just cut and paste from dnspy to vs or directly to the .cs mod in DMT so I am not touching Assembly-CSharp.dll other than my copy and through the mod hooks in DMT itself. Dnspy seemds to pull from a lot of place but I did close all before opening my copy. I am probably missing something very basic like version mismatch, I am using the dnSpy ( that Sphereii put in the SDX tutorial

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there were a couple classes, specificly itempower something or other, wouldnt compile even without making changes to it. could be an issue with dnspy

also, whenever debugging, only look at the first error, double click it, it will take you to the spot in the code with the issue, fixing that issue could fix the rest.

also, open that class, then click compile without making any changes, if it still throws the errors, its an issue with dnspy, not your code

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Hey ty for the insight, just as you said Equipment class didn't compile with zero changes. I guess now I am looking for either version conflict type stuff, or something with the decompile being wonky (maybe a newer version decompiler would help) or something maybe along these lines here:




Seems they use abbreviated .dll sometimes to get around mscorlib conflict and it does seem the Action class is duplicated across Assembly-sharp and mscorlib in my case here. I am still getting my teeth into this stuff to be able to process all this mentally and get somewhere on it.

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