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(paid) hiring || requesting custom modlet || hiring

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Looking to hire people who can create custom .xml or modlets for my gaming servers.

YOU WILL BE PAID! Shoot me a direct message on discord.



- Able to create custom content. (XML Modifications/Custom Modlets)



We run the GOG/GamingOG's servers, We run a very large gaming community branched out in several different divisions. We have very high end powerful dedicated server boxes custom built for max performance. We offer a Military Veteran program to all our Veterans and Soldiers! We run successful family friendly servers with zero hacking/toxicity. We're looking for talented people to surround ourselves with and grow this adventure into something amazing.


Any questions/concerns, Shoot me a Direct Message.



Discord Link: https://discord.me/gamingogs

I'm "TheOwlSky" in discord.

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