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Bloody moon with rain and fog.

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Hello people, I have a dedicated server and I wanted to know where I need to modify so that when the bloody moon starts, it starts to rain and increase the fog without using any mod. it's possible?.

how can I make it rain most days? because never rains.

Ver 17.4

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there is no trigger for blood moon weather though,

but you could edit each biome to have more weather in general


as always with a17+ modlets are recommended, takes more time now, but doesn't get patched during updates, saving you time later .



<biome name="pine_forest" biomemapcolor="#004000">


<Temperature min="-35" max="15" prob="1"/>

<Fog min="0" max="0" prob=".9"/> ---> <Fog min="100" max="100" prob="1.0"/> -- this would guarantee fog 24/7

<Fog min="100" max="100" prob=".1"/>

<CloudThickness min="0" max="0" prob=".3"/>

<CloudThickness min="10" max="70" prob=".6"/>

<CloudThickness min="100" max="100" prob=".1"/>

<Precipitation min="0" max="0" prob=".0"/> <!-- it has to be at least 70% cloudy before it can rain -->

<Precipitation min="50" max="100" prob=".75"/>

<Wind min="10" max="20" prob="0.9"/>

<Wind min="20" max="100" prob="0.1"/>


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