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Hosting a game for somebody not part of the vpn network


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Good evening,


I am trying to host an online game for my girlfriend outside of my vpn. The reason I am using vpn is that I live in student dorm and my only way to connect to the internet is via the universitys vpn network. My girlfriend can see the server in the serverbrowser but she can not connect. The same happens when she tries to connect via "connect to IP".

Is it possible, she uses the wrong IP adress since I am in a vpn?


Looking forward hearing from you and thanks in advance.



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She would have to use the external VPN IP, and that's assuming that the VPN will allow connection through the ports.


Also note, it's going to add extra latency to your connection. You're already in a dorm though, so the extra latency may not be noticeable over the already poor connection.

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