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IZEA Furniture Store - Another Dungeon POI


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Hi, this is Genosis from Not-A-Gamer Gaming (http://youtube.com/c/notagamergaming)


There was an off-hand comment made in the forums some time ago; it was joking how we should have an IKEA when mentioning an idea that you may be able to pick up deco items from POI's as another reason to go looting. Well, here it is.




This is the "IZEA Furniture Store", and I did the full dungeon treatment and optional areas for hidden loot to discover. I worked on this off and on for a few weeks, and I kept adding more and more detail and had to stop or I was never going to finish it.


If you would like to see it in action, we recently released a video on our YouTube channel which you can find here:



And of course, I placed the prefab for anyone to enjoy in a dropbox link here:




Please let me know what you think!


- Genosis

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nice work on that POI, well done. entertaining video as well


Thanks! We have trying to focus on more custom content, rather than doing challenges "everyone else" seems to be doing lately. If you or anyone else wants to see other's we have done (as well as others submitted by our community), here is a playlist of custom prefabs/POIs on our channel:



Also, feel free to subscribe for more to come! (mind the gentle plug for the channel, you know how it is lol :p )

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Damn Genosis you and the wife never fail to amaze me. i LOVE this so much. Is it ok if we include it in the Ravenhearst mod? Alongside your Library? It will properly tagged with your name.


These pois just feel so natural. i hope you guys make more. We need more of these in our gaming lives :)

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It is absolutely OK, we made these to be shared! We consider it a compliment you want to include it in your mod as well.


We are certainly making more, and after recently discovering you can be multiplayer in the prefab editor (how did we not notice), they may come out at a faster pace.

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