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Building and supporting a roof.


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I have build a 16x17 building. I dug all the dirt out and built it on flat stone. Base is 4 blocks tall or reinforced concrete. 1 Block wide. The walls beyond that are upgraded wood. Am i going to need some sort of beam support from my base stone layer up the center of the house to support the rood? I kind of understand the block integrity, but not so much as the wood floors are attached to the concrete, if that makes sense. Thanks.

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In general, using the same basic material allows you to extend 4 blocks each side but you should do the calculation your own by reading the "max load" and "mass" of that material. The link below is the wiki about this issue:




However, remember that this wiki has not updated many information regarding A10. So, I suggest you reading the ingame information regarding the max load and mass of each building block

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