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Quest Objective ZombieKill value limitation

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It appears that the objective type="ZombieKill" is unable to go above around 280 (possibly a hard 284?) before it resets to a 0 count. Is there a specific reason in the code that this happening?


This is the line in question which seems to be impossible to attain because of the reset count.

<objective type="ZombieKill" value="500" phase="1" />


Any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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I had the same problem, the exact limit is 255 then the reset

the only solution found is cut the quest of 500 z killed in 2


I would love to understand why it does this at this specific number!

I ended up making it 100 and than it rewards the same quest. You get a quest token for each 100 kills which you can than turn into a package of a certain size to gain rewards. Would be so nice though to be able to just keep it tied to the kill number in the stats.

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