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Geek Gaming is now running 17.3 on new hardware. Imported old map,...more news


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GEEK GAMING is now running Alpha 17.3 on original map.


We have tweaked XMLs for more ammo chance without affecting other loot chance.

We will be resetting regions today unused by players to respawn vehicles/POIs.

We are adjusting Radiation Zombie percentage to give newer and older players a fighting chance.

We are tweaking Zombie horde night settings to adjust for a more consistent flow through horde night. This should be completed by 5/25 (Tedious tweaking of GameStage). Will update in this thread when completed.


We will be starting a second dedicated server this weekend with a NEW 17.3 generated map.




Server no longer having connect issues for some players due to incorrect wiring through Switch. New Dedicated Router port for Geek Gaming Server.

EAC will remain off if possible...for now.

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UPDATE - New Server based upon 17.4 engine will be started running on Saturday, 5/24 after minor testing. Existing Server will be upgraded to 17.4 after announcement to existing users is made and people are prepped (probably after the weekend). It is currently in Alpha 17.3.

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We were having too much fun with the existing server. We are now running Alpha 17.4 on the current server with the old map. We'll soon bring on the other server again. Will update as progress is made.

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