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Spring type defence

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Hey, I am still fairly new to modding so figured I would ask more knowledgable people if the following is possible.


Is there a way using the xml files to make a zombie bounce back as if pushed, when they collide with an object.

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Do you want to implement repulsion instead of force attack?

Repulsion probably can't be done....but I'm not sure...

I had an idea - to give 100% stun buff on a power attack. Then the zombies will be disabled for a while.

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mass, change a zombies mass, and when you hit him, he can go flying


<entity_class name="zombieTemplateMale">
<property name="EntityType" value="Zombie"/> <!-- This one decides for scoring -->
<property name="Tags" value="entity,zombie,walker"/>  <!-- this property DOES NOT inherit on extends and target_tags cannot be AND connected -->
<!-- Mesh and class properties -->
<property name="Mesh" value="Zombies/zombieStandardBoeRagdoll"/>
<property name="AvatarController" value="AvatarZombie01Controller"/>
<property name="ModelType" value="Standard"/>
<property name="HasRagdoll" value="true"/>
<property name="Prefab" value="NPC"/>
<property name="Class" value="EntityZombie"/>
<property name="Parent" value="Enemies"/>
<property name="Mass" value="[color="#00FF00"][b]170[/b][/color] [color="#EE82EE"][b]-->[/b][/color][color="#40E0D0"][b]2[/b][/color]"/>

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