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Tooltip and Description items


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This really isn't a bug, I was just rolling through some things in the XML files since I'm looking into modding. Also during playing the game I got some weird messages on items so I wanted to dig in and I found a few things.


Mega Crush:

buffs.xml refer to name, desc, and tooltip as buffMegaCrushXXXXX

localization.txt has them as megaCrushXXXX


I found when I updated the localization.txt file to match the reference in the xml, it fixed them in game.


Grandpa's Beverages:

buffs.xml were referencing the tooltip, but localization was missing the tooltips. So I came up with my own and that seems to work fine when added into the localization.txt file.


What I added for testing:

buffDrunkGrandpasMoonshineTooltip,buffs,Buff,New,"Brewed from the cheapest ingredients, filtered through a sock. I think you can taste the color nine...",,,,,
buffDrunkGrandpasAwesomeSauceTooltip,buffs,Buff,New,Let me show you how to get a pony with two chickens...,,,,,
buffDrunkGrandpasLearningElixirTooltip,buffs,Buff,New,"Sit down young'un, let me learn you a few things…",,,,,



Just wanted to make aware it was something I came across, I'll probably be digging some more and might even come up with some others.


Also...you might want to see about the wording on the Yucca Smoothie Tooltip in German...unless those just translate funny through google...but I don't want to feel like a sex predator... LOL

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