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Snow's QoL mod


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Hello and welcome to my mod. It is a Quality of Life mod that changes the game in mostly subtle ways.



Description: The purpose of this mod is to smooth out gameplay and change the game in slight ways that makes it more fun to play. Some changes give a very slight ingame advantage, but that's a sacrifice i'm willing to make.





Adds One Extra Crafting Slot. Conflicts may arise if this mod is loaded after a mod that changes the UI positioning of crafting slots or nearby UI.


Adds One Extra Forge Input Slot. This should work with other mods that add forge class objects (tested with sorcery and it works), as long as this mod is loaded after. Conflicts may arise if the base forge class is altered significantly or if new forges do not closely adhere to the forge class template.


Adds One Extra Backpack Row. Row is added to the bottom. Pack mule perk is unaffected, so these slots will be encumbered slots even with full pack mule. Must have extra pocket armor mods to fully unlock them. Conflicts may occur with any mod that significantly changes inventory UI.


Made Attribute Icons Closer Together. Allows you to have many mods that add more attributes without UI overlapping. 5 additional attributes fit comfortably, 6 will fit with minor overlap. Conflicts may arise if another mod alters the attribute display UI.


Changed Perk Point Gains to 2 Perk Points Per Level. No conflicts should happen unless another mod changes perk point distribution.


Changed Max Level To 500. No conflicts should happen unless another mod changes max level.


Loot Bag Timer Changed To 20 Minutes. Alpha 17.3 stable already has loot bags set to 20 minutes, this change is simply to ensure they stay at 20 minutes if another factor or update changes the timer. Conflicts may arise if the lootbag entities are deleted or massively altered by another mod.


Wild Crops Are Able To Be Picked Up With E. This includes all farmable crops found in the wild. Does not affect planted crops. Conflicts may arise if the wild crops are massively altered by another mod.


Wooden Spike Traps, Iron Spike Traps, Barbed Wire, And Barbed Wire Fence Are Able To Be Picked Up With E. Only able to pick them up if they are fully repaired and at highest stage. Spike traps missing spikes, but technically full health are not able to be picked up. Conflicts may arise if another mod massively changes these items.


Cement Bag Pallets And Stone Brick Pallets Have Been Made Lootable. They are looted like regular loot items and break upon loot exit. Cement bag pallets give cement and sometimes concrete mix. Stone brick pallets give stone blocks. Conflicts may arise if another mod massively changes these pallets.


Recipes Have Been Added For Vitamins, Blood Draw Kits, Acid, Coal, Headlights, Engines, And Car Batteries. Vitamins require Master Chef 4, a campfire, and a beaker. Blood Draw Kit requires Physician 5 and a chemistry station. Acid requires Yeah Science 4 and a Chemistry Station. Coal requires a forge. Headlights require Grease Monkey 3 and a workbench. Engines require Grease Monkey 4 and a workbench. Car Batteries require Yeah Science 5 and a chemistry station. Conflicts may occur if these items are removed from the game by another mod.


A 3rd Seat Has Been Added To The 4x4 Truck And A 2nd Seat Has Been Added To The Motorcycle. The 3rd 4x4 seat is located on top of the spare tire. The 2nd motorcycle seat is located upon the horizontal cylinder behind the seat. Conflicts may arise if another mod massively alters these vehicles.


All Vehicles Have Had Max Speed And Torque Changes. All torques have been massively reduced to actually give every vehicle an acceleration curve. Bicycle max speed has been very slightly increased. Minibike max speed has been moderately increased. Motorcycle max speed has been largely increased. 4x4 max speed has been moderately-largely increased. Gyrocopter max speed has been massively increased.


Stack Amounts For Many Items Have Been Changes. Refer to the items.xml and blocks.xml file to see the changes in full as they have been well documented there. Basic resources stack to 10k. Ammo stacks to 1k. Components stack to 1k. Prepared food stacks to 50. Food materials stack to 250. Medicine stacks to 25. Mod schematics and magazines stack to 100. Many more stack changes, but the idea is that categories of items have been standardized in stack amounts.



Mod Files:





Download and unzip folder. Drop SnowQoL folder into your "steamapps/common/7 Days To Die/mods" folder.




  • Each change in the code is documented with comments and you are freely able to remove features you dislike using comments as guidelines.
  • All code within the mod was written by myself, however some ideas for what to include within the mod were inspired by others. They will be mentioned in the credits.
  • Currently version 1.0 and all mod changes have been tested SP and Server with a group and seem to work flawlessly.
  • Written and created using A17.3. *Should* work with all A17.




  • Extra Crafting Slot and Forge Input Slot idea: stedman420
  • Stack Change idea: coRpSE


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