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SMS The Hard Way PvE A17.3 (Vanilla 10K map. 300% Loot Respawn 7 days)


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SMS The Hard Way PvE A17.3 (Vanilla 10K map)


Head Admin:



SMS The Hard Way PvE A17.3 (Vanilla 10K map)


Port: 26920


This is a fully Vanilla game server as the name states this one is hard settings,

No safehouse, No warehouse, No lobby.

It is upto you to ban together with other players. THIS MAP IS HUGE!!!


Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada




The Botman Server Manager.

LootAbundance - 300%

LootRespawnDays - 7


Nothing else.


Players = 20

WorldGenSeed = Metropolis

WorldGenSize = 10240

GameDifficulty = 5

DayNightLength = 60

DayLightLength = 18

Drop toolbelt only on death

LootRespawnDays = 7

AirDropFrequency = 48 hrs

AirDropMarker = yes

All Zombies walk (Day)

All zombies walk (Night)

Ferals and radiated jog

Bloodmoon they jog

BloodMoonFrequency = 14

PartySharedKillRange - 2000

No Player Killing

LandClaimCount = 1

BloodMoonEnemyCount = 16 per player


Full player support on our group discord report there for in game help.

Build anywhere you want.


The map size is 10K you will need a minimum of 8GB ram more is better the map is large.


Be part of the SMS Gaming Group multiple game servers for you to enjoy not just 7dtd.

Join the steam group and discord for all information.


My steam group:



My steam profile.





The website is offline as of may 9th to save costs.


I have been online since November 2014 well over 4 years now I know how to run a good server.

Join me 24/7 365 days a year.


Group Leader,

Noobs Inc. (Steam)

Wicketness. (7dtd forums)

IRL - https://www.facebook.com/EricNepoose

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