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Perkalator | The Perks and Skills Calculator for Modded and Vanilla 7 Days to Die


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Perkalator is the 7 Days to Die Skill and Perk Calulator that puts you in control of your skill points!

Plan, Build and Share your skill builds with your friends and the community


Perkalator (https://perkalator.co.uk) is a Skill and Perk Calculator for 7 Days to Die Vanilla and Modded (already includes War of the Walkers, Darkness Falls, Ravenhearst, Sorcery Mod and BorderlandZ). The Perk Calculator allows you to pick your Skills and Perks effectively without worrying about what perks require what attributes, and share your builds with the community. Perkalator supports Alpha 17 (upto A17.3), Alpha 16.4, Alpha 15.2 as well as XBox and Playstation (Patch13 v1.0.18 / v1.18) versions of the game.


I would like to thank the community members that have helped with testing, feedback, and some feature suggestions during the development period (so far); Devrix (Sorcery Mod author and creator of the Perkalator logo), PiGHamM3r, TPrice321, Donovan and jagerdaddy78.


Vanilla and Modded XML Sources

All of the data for Perkalator is parsed directly from the xml and localization sources for any of the included game versions and mods. For pre-A17/Console vanilla and modded, the data is transformed to behave like A17 as the site has been designed with the current A17 UI in mind.


Currently Perkalator supports A15,A16,A17 and Console versions, and has several mods to choose from.

You can choose from any of the included game versions and sources from "Settings > XML Source"



A number of specific URLs exist that will load the Perkalator with the latest (stable) version of an an included source, but by default, the latest (stable) vanilla version is loaded:

When selecting an XML Source, you will notice that your browser will show the unique URL for any xml source, allowing you to link straight to any included source, not just those with special URLs as above.


Both Overhaul and Modlets are supported by Perkalator, with Sorcery Mod being the first to be included, it has been packaged alongside A17, Darkness Falls and Ravenhearst as of this moment.


Loading / Saving / Sharing

You can save your selected skills at any time, to share them, or come back to them later. Every saved skill tree will have it's own unique URL e.g. (https://perkalator.co.uk/tpl/example/level60) which saves both the skills, and any required settings that were chosen, in the example case, skill spending is limited to player level 60 in A17.2

Anyone can load a saved build from it's unique URL, but it can only be edited if loaded within the Perkalator app using the password it was saved with, but you can make a copy of a loaded build by making your own changes and saving it as a new build with a new password.



The Perkalator site is still in ongoing development, and you can see the current roadmap here


This page outlines some of the features that will be worked on and added in the near and far future, with some slightly ambitious plans for site expansions at some point depending on the success of the site, and available time for development


Settings :: Purchase Options

There are a number of settings that allow you to customise how the Perkalator behaves...


Automatically remove skill levels that are no longer required

If enabled, then when removing skill levels, any skill levels that were automatically purchased as requirements will be refunded when they are no longer required

e.g. in A17.2 selecting "Hammer & Forge (2)" will automatically add "Intellect (5)"


Allow removal of required skill levels

If enabled, then any dependant skills will have their levels lowered to fit the newly selected skill level

e.g. in A17.2, changing "Hammer & Forge (2)" to "Hammer & Forge (1)" will change "Intellect (5)" to "Intellect (4)"


Include points from starter quests [Default: on]

If enabled, available points will include those from completing the starter quest "basic survival" as well as any starter quests specified by a chosen modded source

e.g. in Sorcery Mod you will have 11PTs extra from "basic survival" and the sorcery starter quest line


Set a purchase limit

If enabled, will limit the maximum spending in the perkalator to the specified number of Skill Points or a maximum Player Level

This can be useful if designing an early game build e.g. in A17.2 setting a Player Level limit of 40 will prevent purchase of "Advanced Engineering (3)" as it requires "Player Level (60)"


Skill points per level multiplier

Applies a multiplier to the skill points earned per level over the setting supplied by the XML source

This can be used if you use a self modded progression file that gives extra points in this way. Note: this may not behave as expected with modded sources such as Ravenhearst that give a skill points boost at certain player levels


Add a fixed number of skill points

Increases the total number of skill points earned by the specified value to represent extra points earned from quests or items

e.g. Challenge quests or Skill Notes from some modded games give extra skill points

This will probably be replaced in the future with a feature that augments this value from items/quests from the chosen xml source based on user input


All action skills have 0PT cost [Default: on, resets to on every page load]

If enabled, forces all action skills to cost 0PTs

This is a temporary setting until better support for action skills is implemented for pre-A17 and A17+ modded sources that bring them back


Settings :: Display Options

Only show total points cost on skill levels [Default: on]

controls whether purchase/refund tooltips show a single total points value, or individual points values for the skill and any requirements


Disable custom text colouring

e.g. Sorcery Mod includes coloured text, and some people may find it difficult to read the coloured text


Skill list length [Default: 13, auto scales down on smaller windows]

Max skill levels to show [Default: 10, auto scales down on smaller windows]

These will change the size of the view for skills and skill levels, they will auto-scale down on page load if the windows is too small to show the defaults, but there are limits to how big/small you can make these


Keyboard Controls

Most actions within the perkalator can be controlled via the keyboard instead of just the mouse. You can see all the available keyboard controls and rebind any of the keys in the Settings area.


Note: some keys will interfer with your browsers built-in keyboard shortcuts. e.g. if you bind F5 to an action, some browsers will no longer respond to F5 to reload the page



Perkalator is designed to work on modern desktop browsers, the site does work on mobiles as well, but the interface is not currently optimised, for viewing on smaller screens. Perkalator does not work in "Internet Explorer", you must be using Firefox,Chrome,Edge,Safari,Opera or anything else that isn't ancient history.



Join us in discord to share and discuss your skill builds, get notified of updates and new mod/game sources, leave suggestions for new features, request new mods to include.... or just Perkalate with a nice coffee


I'll leave you with this final screenshot of Perkalator with Sorcery Mod loaded


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Perkalator v1.1 "Class Based Progression"


Site update v1.1: Class Based Progression


Over the passed week I have been working to add some form of normalised class support to perkalator for mods that use it. As Darkness Falls is the only mod currently included that uses actual classes, it has served as a starting point to get an implementation ready and working.


Dive in to Darkness Falls, or continue reading...


When launching the site directly into, or load a modded source that uses classes, you will be prompted to choose your starting class(es), based on the settings of the mod



From there on you can select your other skills normally, but selecting a class skill will change the buy buttons to either "choose class" or "remove class".


Removing a class will also remove any perks that require that class.


Your selected classes will be saved and loaded with your skill build if you save the template so people you share it with will get the same classes selected.

If you have not selected all the classes you are allowed to, then you will be prompted to select the extra classes when the template is loaded.




Participate on Discord

Join us in discord if you want to be updated and take part in the direction that the perkalator site develops in, by voting on new features or putting in your own suggestions





If you like what you are seeing so far, and what to see the more of the roadmap ( https://perkalator.co.uk/roadmap ) completed, a new support page ( https://perkalator.co.uk/support ) has been added to the site as well with links to the new Patreon page, and Discord.



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