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Improvised tools and weapons

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Hello dear modders,


I have a suggestion / idea for those of you talented guys who know how to get things done.


One can never have enough tools and weapons, especially early in game. What I would like to see as a mod is a set of improvised / junk tools and weapons in style of Fallout 4. These weapons would use standard or scrap ammo and would be relatively cheap to craft due to the materials they use which are easy to come by - wood, pipes, springs, scrap iron, duct tapes, etc. These tools and weapons would be perfectly useful early to mid game when you don't have forge or materials you could use for crafting better weapons yet. They would be especially useful for those who want to focus on boosting different perks early in game rather than pushing for better weapons or tools.


What I have in mind are scrap iron axe, scrap iron pickaxe, scrap iron shovel, pipe pistol, pipe revolver, pipe rifle and such.



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