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PewP3r's 8192 Custom Biomes Map!


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Hey y'all,


Based on some advice I got from another thread, I learned myself how to create a custom biomes.png file! I know, aren't you proud? :smile-new:


I've created two maps that I'll link to below, which have been spot-checked for defects, for you to use if you feel so inclined. I used MS Paint's "curves" to attempt to recreate what I thought would be a more realistic and accurate biome map with large, sweeping areas. I created a couple areas of burned forest within the forest itself, to simulate actual hotspots, and I created an invasion of the wasteland deep to the SE in the desert biome--again because I feel like they're closer in style.


Once I made the base image in Paint, I saved it as a BMP (because PNGs from Paint don't seem to work in 7 Days) and imported it into Krita--a super cool open source art program I was referred to. In Krita, I created a custom square pixel brush using the square dimensions from the dithering in the other stock biome maps and used it to hand draw dithering (thank god for the auto-spacing effect) around all of the boundaries. The in-game effect is pretty cool, but for those of you who prefer strict, clean cut boundaries I'm also providing the non-dithered version free of charge.


So, there you have it! I'm about to spark up my first 17.3 game using this bad boy and see how it goes. Maybe this will save some of you from the biome blues with all of this bizarre, spotty patchwork biome art going on from the RWG engine.


If you're not familiar with using custom biome files, here's what you do:


  1. Create a new 8,192k map (I used West Wikiye Territory for no particular reason), then quit the game
  2. Navigate to C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\GeneratedWorlds\[world_name]
  3. Replace the biomes.png file with your favorite, dithered or non (be sure to rename to biomes.png)
  4. Go back into 7 Days, delete your old save, then create a new game with the same world



Non-Dithered Biome Map



Dithered Biome Map

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Hey, so every time I try this, I get to the point where it says "Initializing World" and it never loads. I even tried creating a new world in the Random Gen Previewer, changed the biome.png, then created a new game with that world and it gets stuck every time. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.


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