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To Go Even Further Beyond


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Hello and welcome to my mod. It is called 'To Go Even Further Beyond' and it adds in a new Attribute with Perks.



Description: The purpose of the mod is to extend end-game character customization. Nearly all Perks in the new Attribute add to basic character stats that can already be augmented through the Vanilla Attributes and Perks. The basic concept is that each skill point spent in the new Attribute will increase your character's stats minimally per point spent compared to how much points spent in Vanilla Attributes increases your character's stats. Basic example is that 1 point spent into the Insulation Perk from Vanilla will give 5 points of Heat and Cold Resist, whereas 1 point spent in the equivalent stat boosting Perk from the new Attribute will give only a 2 points of Heat OR Cold resist. The point behind this is that it's only worth it to start putting points into the new Attribute and Perks once you've already purchased all the Perks you want from the Vanilla Attributes. Though do note that some Perks add to stats and abilities not found in the Vanilla Attributes. All perks increase linearly.




Skill Tree - To Go Even Further Beyond


Category - Street Smarts

Resource Gather

- Increase all resources gathered by 5% per level. 20 levels.

Loot Bonus

- Increase loot bonus by 10 per level. 20 levels.

Loot Speed

- Increase loot speed by 1.5% per level. 10 levels.

Sneak Effectiveness

- Increase hiding effectiveness by 2% and reduces noise from actions by 1.5% per level. 10 levels.

Sneak Speed

- Increase sneaking speed by 2% per level. 20 levels.

Gun Damage

- Increase gun damage by 2.5% per level. 20 levels.

Magazine Size

- Increase magazine size by 4% per level. 15 levels.


Category - Hitting The Gym

Melee Attack Speed

- Increase melee attack speed by 2.5% per level. 20 levels.

Melee Damage

- Increase melee damage by 2.5% per level. 20 levels.

Bow Damage

- Increase bow damage by 2.5% per level. 20 levels.

Run Speed

- Increase run speed by 1% per level. 40 levels.

Jump Height

- Increase jump height by 0.05 units per level. 20 levels.

Stamina Regen

- Increase stamina regen by 0.5/s per level. 20 levels.


Category - Meditation

Dismemberment Chance

- Increase chance to dismember enemy body parts by 1% per level. 15 levels.

Melee Range

- Increase melee attack range by 2% per level. 15 levels.

Tai Chi

- Reduce water and food consumption rate by 2% per level. 15 levels.

Heat Resist

- Increase heat resist by 2 points per level. 10 levels.

Cold Resist

- Increase cold resist by 2 points per level. 10 levels.



Mod Files:




Installation: Download and unzip folder. Drop TGEFB folder into your "steamapps/common/7 Days To Die/mods" folder. Go into TGEFB folder, then into localization folder. Copy contents of Localization.txt and append it to the contents of your "steamapps/common/7 Days To Die/Data/Config/Localization.txt" file.




  • All increases and decreases here stack with Vanilla Skill Tree increases and decreases.
  • Jump Height is in 'units' due to there not being an easy way to directly add fractions of meters to jump height. For reference, the total increase of 1 whole unit from 20 levels is a bit under what Parkour gives. Adding them together allows characters to jump onto the roofs of 1 story buildings directly.
  • Dismemberment Chance is head, arms, and legs.
  • Gather Resources counts for rocks, boulders, trees, crops, and animals.
  • Mod only adds a new Skill Tree and Perks, does not modify or alter existing Skill Trees or their Perks. May have strange bugs when used with other mods that alter base stats.
  • Currently Version 1.1 and extensive balancing testing has not been done.
  • Written and created using A17.3. *Should* work with all A17.



  • Bug and text fixes. Stamina Regen perk had incorrect scaling values and text.
  • Localization fix. Cold and Heat resist perks rewards doubled, since they were really really bad per point.


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