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Region Coordinate Calculator?

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Does anyone have a tool where I can enter a region file name like R.-1.0.7rg and it will return the TOP LEFT and the BOTTOM RIGHT coordinates?


center is 0,0


so region file R.-1.0.7.rg TOP LEFT would be: 512N 512W and BOTTOM RIGHT would be 0,0


so a tool would return then so I can use them for various mods. Technically they never change so how has done the math already?

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They say it's broken/outdated, but I don't see why that would be.




it seems to work but its the opposite, it give me the region and I want to enter a region and get coordinates. I think I will have to write a python script to do this :)


I know regions are 512x512 so 0,0 to 511x511 is region R,0,0.7rg in the NE Direction and so 0,0 to 511, -511 is R.-1.0.7rg going NW.

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