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Drawbridge Advanced Rotation?

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I'm playing Alpha 17.2.


I would like to be able to use Advanced Rotation for the Drawbridge, so that i can mount it vertically on a wall in such a way that it become like a Garage Door that opens from bottom to top.


I have seen mods for enabling advanced rotation of other items that currently only have basic rotation. But not for the Drawbridge.


I have also read that other people have managed to do this in Alpha 16.


Can this be done?



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Searched high and low for a link and even for the author of this mod, but I could not. I think this should be what you need. I normally never repost without permission, but I cant find anything on this mod. If anyone knows the original pack Im guessing this was in or the author, please share.



<Name value="Reinforced Drawbridge Rotation" />

<Description value="Removes simple rotation limitation for Reinforced Drawbridge." />

<Author value="Alwyds" />

<Version value="1.0" />


EDIT: Thanks AlyssaFaden

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