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Suggestion: New and modified zombies, but no mutants!


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Decided to make a new suggestion thread in this area.


I came to an idea for adding new zombies and modifying the existing ones. These would require new tactics for fighting, hinder the player in new ways, as well as provide some freshness to the game.


Why not add a sprinter zombie, something like spider zombie, but very fast and very weak. This would make an ideal enemy for chasing vehicles when a player decides to run, at the same time being easy to dispatch if you're on foot (you can't fight while driving). Apart from pestering the players on vehicles, it could be a nice addition to make a sprinter zombie bloodmoon horde on some lower GS.


Considering various types of Zs that could be added (and are not some supernatural mutants):

- Sprinter - Similar to spider, but way faster and way weaker (lower HP and damage). Apart from being a nuisance, it would appear during BM and make escaping in a vehicle difficult. Feral is even faster and a bit tougher, but no radiated variant.

- Slender - Slim, tall enemy with long arms, hard to hit melee as it has higher range than regular Zs, yet lower HP due to slim body. Feral variant is a bit faster and a bit tougher.

- Midget - Small, almost child like, fast on its feet (faster than regular Zs), smaller chance for decapitation, but very low damage. Similar concepts were in a few games monsters made from children (Dead Space for instance), but i think it would be too much for 7DTD to kill dead children. Ferals and radiated are somewhat tougher and faster.

- Creeper - Draped in clothes that conceal it, as well as limit the sounds it could send out. Pretty regular on the inside, yet somewhat slower and very difficult to spot and hear. Ferals are a bit tougher and faster, no radiated variant.

- Volatile - Bulged more than the cop and spitting in the same way (or similarly), very low HP but explodes when dying, no matter what. Explosion does lower damage to both blocks and entities compared to cop explosion (or could be tweaked that both have smaller), but he can be easily dispatched with single bullets from afar. Exists only as a radiated variant (so only mid-late game).


Additionally you can modify the current Zs to make them have some depth:

- Biker and Utillity Worker reworked - Head protection decreases chances decapitation (managable through XML edits)

- Soldier and hazmat reworked - Just like above, but armor provides protection against damage (managable through XML edits)

- Fat enemies reworked - Make their speed lower, i don't expect them to sprint like Usain Bolt (even ferals and rads), they already have higher HP and could have higher damage (managable through XML edits)

- Hawaiian tourist reworked - Lesser variant than the cop, meaning he also explodes spontaniously (with lower damage), but doesn't spit.


What you guys think of such additions and changes?

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I focused on what could be added without new models, textures and AI mechanics. Simply shifting some values here and there gives you many new variations, which could be used to spice up the gameplay. Hopefully one day this topic will be worked upon or even left out for the modders.


@apostrophe - seen your topic at the time and like the suggestions also :) I hope TFP will find at least some time to implement something new, because zombies at the moment are all known and a bit stale...

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