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Compressed Items (A17) Version 2.0


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Hello Guys!


I made the 2.0 version for my compressed items mod!


The mod's previous version was 1.0


Items contained in 1.0 version:





-Clay Soil

-Forged Iron

-Forged Steel

-Iron Fragment


-Scrap Brass






-Electric Parts

-Electronic Parts

-Mechanical Parts

-Nitrate Powder


-Oil Shale






-OilForFire(You can burn oil in the campfire or in the forge)

-Diamond(Ingredient: 10 RawDiamond)

-GoldBar(Ingredient: 10 GoldNugget)

-SilverBar(Ingredient: 10 SilverNugget)

-BiggerGasolineCan(that just compress the GasCan)


More Items will be added in the future!



-Deleted Unnecessary parts

-Items not disappearing or turning into other items

You can download it here:[ATTACH]28338[/ATTACH]


Install This mod to: steam/steamapps/common/7daystodie folder.

This zip contains the Mods folder. Don't worry, it just put my mod into that Mods folder if you have. If you don't have mods folder it will create that.


If you find some bugs, please write a post to me.


Have Fun!


Venom's Compressed Items V2.0.zip

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