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Noise Gun

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I'd love to see a simple, craftable gun that doesn't shoot projectiles but gives off an extreme amount of noise when it's fired. It would be similar to the Anti-Gadoid gun from Dying Light, such that it's purpose is to draw in infected from a large area.


Looking forward to your replies :smile-new:

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You'll want to create a new pistol by copying and renaming the pistol in items.xml. You'll also want to create a custom sound that mimics the Pistol_Fire sound found in the sound.xml.


<SoundDataNode name="Pistol_Fire"> <AudioSource name="Sounds/AudioSource_WeaponFire"/> <NetworkAudioSource name="Sounds/AudioSource_WeaponFire_Network"/>
<Noise ID="0" volume="52" time="2" muffled_when_crouched="0.8" heat_map_strength="[color="#FF0000"]0.65[/color]" heat_map_time="[color="#FF0000"]180[/color]"/>
<distantfadestart name="[color="#FF0000"]10[/color]"/><distantfadeend name="[color="#FF0000"]20[/color]"/>
<AudioClip ClipName="Sounds/Weapons/Ranged/Pistol/Pistol_Fire1" DistantClip="Sounds/Weapons/Ranged/Pistol/pistol_d_fire1" DistantSource="Sounds/AudioSource_WeaponFire"/>
<AudioClip ClipName="Sounds/Weapons/Ranged/Pistol/Pistol_Fire2" DistantClip="Sounds/Weapons/Ranged/Pistol/pistol_d_fire2" DistantSource="Sounds/AudioSource_WeaponFire"/>
<AudioClip ClipName="Sounds/Weapons/Ranged/Pistol/Pistol_Fire3" DistantClip="Sounds/Weapons/Ranged/Pistol/pistol_d_fire3" DistantSource="Sounds/AudioSource_WeaponFire"/>
<AudioClip ClipName="Sounds/Weapons/Ranged/Pistol/Pistol_Fire4" DistantClip="Sounds/Weapons/Ranged/Pistol/pistol_d_fire4" DistantSource="Sounds/AudioSource_WeaponFire"/>
<LocalCrouchVolumeScale value="1"/> <CrouchNoiseScale value="1"/> <NoiseScale value="1"/> <MaxVoices value="30"/> <MaxVoicesPerEntity value="10"/> <MaxRepeatRate value="0.001"/> </SoundDataNode>


You'll want to adjust the red fields above to add more heat for longer and at much higher range.

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