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Server: Kick player for invalid login


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I join my own server. 3 minutes later this happens. I restart steam. 5 minutes later it happens again. It goes in waves, sometimes I can play for hours, sometimes it will kick me every five minutes.


I'm not 100% certain it is the server kicking players because their client crashed and that is why it can't get a steam auth, or if there is a problem detecting an otherwise normal Steam connection, and the server is kicking legit connected players.



2019-05-04T14:01:02 13540.855 INF [steamworks.NET] Authentication callback. ID: 76561197960378421, owner: 76561197960378421, result: k_EAuthSessionResponseAuthTicketCanceled

2019-05-04T14:01:02 13540.855 INF [steamworks.NET] Kick player for invalid login: 76561197960378421 Ook

2019-05-04T14:01:02 13540.856 INF Kicking player (Steam auth failed: k_EAuthSessionResponseAuthTicketCanceled): EntityID=171, PlayerID='76561197960378421', OwnerID='76561197960378421', PlayerName='Ook'

2019-05-04T14:01:03 13541.407 INF Player disconnected: EntityID=171, PlayerID='76561197960378421', OwnerID='76561197960378421', PlayerName='Ook'

2019-05-04T14:01:03 13541.408 INF GMSG: Player 'Ook' left the game



Anyone else see this and ever found a solution?


I run a Linux server that is rock solid, players come and go just fine except for getting kicked like the above. EAC is disabled. Player clients are both Windows and Linux. The server has a ton of memory, 16 psuedo-core Ryzen. HD has plenty of space on it.

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I have identified a pattern and think I might move this to bug reports. If I pause a game, or in the case of being in a multi player server I alt-tab to another window for a few minutes. Within a minute or two of returning to the game this kick occurs. Sometimes it happens before then, it is as if the client cannot do a steam auth while not the foreground application.


PS this occurs to Linux clients. Have not tested Windows clients.

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OK, so you're on local MP then, and not an actual server. I was trying to replicate it on my servers, but was unable to.


I'm playing on an actual server, but the server is on a box on the other side of my desk. The server is not somewhere across the Internet, it's in my office.


I need to play with this some more. For reasons I don't understand, it happens a lot to me but you don't see anyone else here complaining about this. I'm really not sure what makes me so special ? And I'm not sure if I can trust the log entry telling me I have an invalid steam login. Is it a canned message? Did my Steam client tell the 7D2D client I was not logged in, and the 7D2D client told the server and the server kicked me? Did the client crash and the server thinks it's no longer auth'd to Steam? Was it the phase of the moon combined with elevated cosmic rays (a common cause of mysterious It problems)?


I need to work on this some more. I don't see people lining up to complain about this, so I want to find out what makes me special.

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Yet another thought occurs to me. Yesterday I had a guest from somewhere-across-the world trying to join, and they, too, kept getting kicked. I restarted the server, and they were able to play just fine. I also have a regular player in Oregon (I'm in Phoenix Arizona), and just today they had troubles joining. Restart server, and it works fine.


I'm kinda-sorta seeing a pattern of needing to restart the server every 24 hours or so because of odd problems like this. I'm running a 16K map, and the server right now is using about 11GB or ram. The box has 32, and there is plenty of free/unused memory, so it's not a memory issue. The SDD has about 175GB free, boot partition has 35G free. Running Linux - Slackware 64 15 4.19.37 kernel.


Still, 16K is the biggest map I've been able to run. I tried a 20K map, but it starts to throw unity.err.blah errors (don't remember exactly what error) and will not initialize.

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Yeah, 16k is the largest that will currently function. Any end user with more than about 150ms ping or less than 8GB RAM will have issues connecting to it though. Even without the connection issue, clients tend to begin losing sync with the server after a bit of play.


It's not like it's a timeout issue with that error, and I believe the auth error may be erroneous. Could you put a full log from the server into Pastebin when it happens?

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As luck would have it.... I've been observing a lot of texture anomalies, where planes other structures would appear where they should not be, such as a doorway with an open door but a flat textured plane across it, and in some buildings boxes and cubes everywhere. So I restarted the server to see if that would fix this particular problem. Joine server and 3 seconds later My client crashes and the server shows the kick message.


I was watching the console when it happened, and I was not able to tell if my client crashed and generated an erroneous kick message, or if the server just kicked me, they happened too close together. But here is the log:




At 11:10:53 you see this:


2019-05-07T11:10:53 182.968 INF Steam authentication successful, allowing user: EntityID=-1, PlayerID='76561197960378421', OwnerID='76561197960378421', PlayerName='Ook'



And three seconds later you see this:


2019-05-07T11:10:56 186.662 INF [steamworks.NET] Kick player for invalid login: 76561197960378421 Ook

2019-05-07T11:10:56 186.663 INF Kicking player (Steam auth failed: k_EAuthSessionResponseAuthTicketCanceled): EntityID=-1,


I'm suspecting my client crashed and this is just an erroneous (poorly worded) kick message. Previous versions (A15 and A16) did the same thing. But sadly, there is nothing anywhere to indicate *why* the client crashed. Hmm gonna play with this some more...

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