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4 improvements to be made


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Hey folks, after playing for a while i've noticed these 4 things which I find annoying in the game so far. I post them here in hope that it could be fixed or improved. Cheers.


- Melee hit detection lacks precision and need improvements. Very often you swing on a enemy and the graphical of the melee weapon seems pretty much to be landing on it only to find out that you missed it. Please improve the accuracy of melee hitbox.


- Bleeding effet happens way to often when you are full armor especially. I think that the resistance to status effect needs to be increased on all armors or else simply add beside it a special resistance to bleeding effets on all armor pieces. For example, I was at 61 armor rating (max) and it happened very often that I could take 2-3 bleed effects in a row when hit. The philosophy should be that the more armor rating you have, the less chance you can logically get a bleed. A character in full steel armor for instance when hit by a zombie hand would logically have almost no chance to get a bleed, should be 5% at least or less. Now it seems like 20% chance every time you get hit... Please reduce the bleed chance more considerably as we gain more armor rating.


- Gathering (mining, digging, cutting, harvesting) gives a little too much experience. A friend of mine made more experience than me only by mining without stopping while I was trying to find zombies and killing some once in a while. We tested it and found out that it was more profitable in terms of experience gain to harvest continually than rather raiding to find zombies. What's the point then if gathering is easier, faster and less risky? Should we all forsake killing zombies and all go into gathering to level our characters? Please lower a little the experience gain when gathering.


- When putting points in heavy and light armor perks, which improves your armor rating, it doesn't show the armor improvement in the player stats window. For example, I have 20 armor rating and put 1 points into that perk, it still shows 20 armor rating after that in the stats window.

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