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I find alot of the crafting to be just well weird in 7dtd, for one, on the spiked club, those are in no way normal nails, those are like railway spikes, they are HUGE lol. In most games like these I often find it silly that you can mold metal into things with your bare hands. I know its in there for gameplay reasons but it still doesn't feel any less "WTF?" Then again i've played mods where even the most basic of crafting has to be done on some station, and i'd not wish that on the base game.


Needing schematics makes sense, what doesn't make any sense is how you can spend a point in a skill and then magically know how to make a car, or a motorcycle with 0 prior knowledge. I COULD see someoen cobbling a minibike together though, as it looks pretty simple. I prefer the old system where you needed books to learn how to make things, it made more sense that way. Ark Survival evolved kinda gets a pass, due to the engram system and how the implant is sorta like a internet terminal if you think of it, but there is nothing like that in 7dtd.

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Basically we're creating buildings from foundations up and jumping from making wooden walls and floors to bricks without any particular effort. Add to that spiked traps, various tools, clothes, armor and utensils, which all look pretty good without knowing how they should particularly look or work. You basically make an iron pickaxe taking some wood and some metal!


Not that i mind that much... I remember experimenting with TerrafirmaCraft mod in Minecraft, which changed the whole game. An example:

1. You had to dig up clay to create molds for tool heads. 
2. These molds (each tool head had to be shaped appropriately) had to be burnt up in a small fire to harden. 
3. Then you had to put ores into a forge(that you had to build first).
4. Heat the forge to a specific degree (so it would melt the appropriate metal, as each had a different temperature).
5. Pour the metal into the mold. 
6. After it cooled down (needed time), you pulled out the tool head and placed it on a wooden stick.

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aaaaaand somehow LBDgate managed to get in this thread....


This thread was hilarious btw - thank you


- - - Updated - - -


<After crafting the spiked bat>


"Hey, where'd that schematic disappear to?"


That's okay. I can just take those nails out of that bat and then put them on another one. Unless of course I lose THOSE SPECIFIC NAILS....

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