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I have a question


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I have a question.


There is a Korean patch in the game.

Korean conversation is quite inconvenient.

You must enter a space bar between words and the keyboard is not controlled after typing in Korean.

I have to change the keyboard option back to English.

Is this an insoluble problem?

What I want is for Korean conversation to become as natural as any other game.

I'd like to have a conversation, if possible.

Please I beg you.

Please make it possible in Korean just for chatting.

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When the game is closer to gold, this may happen. I understand the Cyrillic characters were having some issues in a17 as well.

Localization just isn't something that's at the top of the list yet, as there are still a lot of changes happening with the core engine. This is a feature that isn't typically worked on until near the end of the Beta development cycle, and we are still in Alpha.

As quests and dialogue are closer to finished and polished, I am sure the devs will put some focus on the support for other languages.


As it sits right now though, it's an English game and that's where it's going to work the best.

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