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Compressed Items (A17) Xpath Version


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Hello guys,


I made the Xpath version of my Compressed Items mod. I don't added more item, only the original compressed ones.

If you want you can write down a mod instruction about what kind of mod do you want,and that is possible to create, I will try to make it.

So, the mod contains this:

Compressed items(compressed,2x compressed,4x compressed, 8x compressed and 16x compressed)

The Compressed items are:





-Clay Soil

-Forged Iron

-Forged Steel

-Iron Fragment


-Scrap Brass






-Electric Parts

-Electronic Parts

-Mechanical Parts

-Nitrate Powder


-Oil Shale




These items can be stacked into bigger packs.


Download: [ATTACH]28287[/ATTACH]


Items can be compressed in 1 slot (you can calculate that): 9000x9000x9000x9000x9000.

So, you won't have problems with inventory space.


You Can Install this mod to: /steam/steamapps/common/7daystodie/


You just have to copy the Mods folder into the 7daystodie folder!


Have fun!


Venom's Compressed Items v1.0.zip

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Hey, nice. I've always loved these kinds of "compressed items" mods to help stack resources and the like. I think 9000 is a pretty odd stack size for resources, but nothing game-breaking. I do have some curiosities, though.


It's definitely odd that you added the different vanilla resources to the items.xml. I suspect it was just to change the stack size to 9000? I also found that it breaks the mining helmet and flashlight. Clicking on them gives you endless NRE's that forced me to close the game. However, that bug stopped when I deleted the vanilla resource items from the items.xml. I'm not sure what caused it.


Also, how come there's no Compressed Coal?

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Hi, I will make an update which is going to include the other things,but thats going to take some time for me to code it. Because I have to change the names of the original resources, and make a copy of it, and then, change the stack size all of the items,that I can. the maximum stack number that I can apply is the 9000, because if the stack number is bigger than this, the game is going to change the item in your inventory, to an other item from the game. for example: you have 12000 of small rocks in a chest or in a box. after some time, or after server restart, that item which was stone before, its going to be a trader joel's sign, or marigold, or 50 mph speed sign. so that is the max stack number. I created the crafting recipes for those items, that can be reversable.



How do you mean that "it breaks the mining helmet and flaslight"? The flaslight and the mining helmet gets a damage from this mod? If yes, that's strange, because I dont't touched those things. I dont't edited those items code. I will fix that with "deleting" the damage from the minging helmet, so you will have an unbreakable mining helmet.

what do you mean with "curiosities"? If you write down the strange things that happened to you when the mod was installed, I can solve the problem with recode the mod, but that is going to be a little time to find what cause that strange thing.


My friends are using my mod, and they said that they don't have problems with the mod.


And there is the third strange thing, that is "Clicking on them gives you endless NRE's that forced me to close the game.However, that bug stopped when I deleted the vanilla resource items from the items.xml. I'm not sure what caused it.". I will fix that, but I will need a screenshot or other form of information that can help me to liquidate the bug.


I will fix the bug about 1-2 weeks, because nowaday I don't have time to play, or make mods. I can only say that, I will fix the problem as soon as I can.


Best regards


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That's really strange; I've never had that happen to me, nor have I even heard of it happening. What's also strange is that in the items.xml in your mod, the resources have the same names as the vanilla file? So I'm really confused. It sounds to me like you're making a lot of unnecessary work. I'll tell you how I've tweaked it for myself...


As I mentioned before, I deleted the vanilla items from the items.xml to make the NRE's stop. (Yeah, I honestly don't know why it's happening. I do have other modlets, so that might have something to do with it.) I have one "stack sizes" modlet that I had downloaded before, and my resources stack at 8000. I've altered the recipe requirements for the compressed items from 9000 to 1000 (and of course the reverse as well). The stack sizes of the compressed items remained at 9000.


I wouldn't call myself an "expert modder" by any means, so hopefully someone who knows more can correct me if I'm wrong in the first paragraph...

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I'm a very basic modder, and this is my first mod. I will delete the unncecessary parts of the xml, and add some custom items in. I won't tell those items now, but I have to think about how to set custom icon to my custom items.

Honestly, the reason for the unnecessary parts is that I just copied the codes from the overhaul version of this mod. I don't know how many "updates" I going to make, but I'm sure there is going to be a v2.0 and v3.0 of the mod.

And I left the unnecessary parts, because I don't know when will the game throw me an error, or other mistakes. I thought there is not going to a problem from this. but, here we go.. the mod needs bug fixes... but, I never gonna give it up, because I have to "improve" my modding ability.

Unfortunately I have only 900kb space in the "attachments" I am very limited now.

Sorry if you lost important items from your inventory.

Today I started to fix the problems, but after 5 minutes I had to do some housework.

I will continue fixing the mod on Monday, or Tuesday. but don't worry, I will fix the mod. As soon as possible.



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