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Compressed Items (A17)


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Hello guys,


I created a mod, which adds these to the game:

Compressed items(compressed,2x compressed,4x compressed, 8x compressed and 16x compressed)

The Compressed items are:





-Clay Soil

-Forged Iron

-Forged Steel

-Iron Fragment


-Scrap Brass






-Electric Parts

-Electronic Parts

-Mechanical Parts

-Nitrate Powder


-Oil Shale




These items can be stacked into bigger packs.


Download: [ATTACH]28273[/ATTACH]


Items can be compressed in 1 slot (you can calculate that): 9000x9000x9000x9000x9000.

So, you won't have problems with inventory space.


You Can Install this mod to: /steam/steamapps/common/7daystodie/Data/Config


Don't Forget to backup the Config file!


Have fun!


Compressed Items.zip

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Changed the tag to Overhaul as you are doing a full xml replace rather than using Xpath. The disadvantage of not using Xpath is this mod will overwrite the items.xml and the recipes.xml and if loaded after other mods will remove those mods changes to those files.

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