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Alpha 17


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What I loved about 7d2d the most was the endless options you had to play various styles in each play through or simply have game saves designed for what type of play you were craving at the time. Even killing a few game days digging a tunnel to some distance destination is fun for me (I’m the perfect partner for those monotonous jobs as I’d just tunnel for hours sometimes haha). If you just wanted to build base designs you could and if you wanted to go hard core, go for it head on. Simplistic to elaborate the choices were endless almost.


What I’ve noticed though disappointingly there’s been a systematic narrowing of those choices into a simple brawler style match up where your options are simply run and/or fight head-on at all times. While I love this style on occasion it definitely takes a lot of the game we use to love out of the equations. Builds become almost irrelevant eventually as you level up especially with the zombies AI and their increased abilities because your only option is basically becoming straight heads up. I get that, say, day 600-700, it’s suppose to eventually get you lol. But with irradiated and feral hordes in week 2 sometimes in day 7 hordes it’s a fight for your life in hopes you have enough supplies built up with the right mods. (Yes less digging and zombie killing to level slower would fix that but I’ve constantly got to be doing one or the other and both level you fast lol).


There’s nothing more fun then cranking the settings to max and seeing how far you can go on occasion but when that’s now become basically the only aspect of the game without making the zombies toothless it kind of limits its playability towards variations and challenges.


What would fix this is if you added a settings option for zombie intelligence/pathing system (dumb, half a brain, genius for example lol), maybe not turn every building into a dungeon style draw up and left it with a mix where the dungeons maybe have better or more loot, and maybe base the zombies digging ability off of the games difficulty or through another setting in the start up menu so the players had more control over how the game played for them.


This would bring back the variation of game play suitable for all gaming styles and those of us who’ve enjoyed the variety the game use to hold.


The only other real complaint is the same complaint I’ve had with the previous skills leveling systems. At one time you’d have to waste large amounts of resources to level a skill that you’d spend the few days doing nothing but chopping trees and boulders and your nights mass crafting stone axes to up your quality before you’d start really doing much of anything. Now it’s buy a perk and you’ve magically achieve perfection even if all you did was going on a killing spree never making a single tool but your first stone axe or dig a massive hole in the ground and become a master with a blade now chopping off heads even if you’d never welded a knife or machete in a single combat before lol. Something in between these two would make the journey far more satisfying and realistic though I’m not sure if I’m alone in that assessment or not lol.


Over all 14-17 all had there pros and cons. It just seems like the games pushing towards a singular audience rather than the variety it originally attracted.



Edit: forgot the one biggest issue. Traps are practically useless with the exception of barbwire. Either they refuse to path through it and they go destroy some distant wall or they’ll get hung up on some spikes out in the distance as if they’ve got some brain matter left out that’s been dipped in honey mustard lol. It’s vary difficult using traps in any rig except fall pits where they are forced into them and even that is sketchy getting them to do that properly.

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