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mining talents


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im atm not in the game for the correct names but there are two similar talents, one which gives "20% more ressorces" and another one which "let you break trough (resource)-blocks 20% faster". the second talents graphic icon has a pickaxe so its main usage seems to be a bonus gain for gathering and not a demolishing skill.


what is the point of these two existing when both give a similar amount of bonus loot, but the second has the extra benefit of faster block destruction ? makes the first talent somewhat redundant.


if 7days had some ultra rare resource like for example diamond (thinking of minecraft) i would understand that the first talent (by generating extra income out of thin air) would be a inviting choice but there isnt really. so the second choice is vastly better isnt it.


yes they are cumulative together but since so similar could just be joined into one talent.


or do i miss something ?

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The difference is, as you mentioned, one letting you gather more resources for the same swing and the other making higher damage to blocks. Bringing up artificial numbers to show the point here:

- Higher block damage allows you to destroy a 1200 tree faster at max level than on basic, meaning you would do 20 swings instead of 40. Each tree has its own amount of resources you get (plus a bonus after destroying it, but that's another point). So for the biggest oak there is you will get 150 wood (+bonus) no matter if you hit it with 20 or 40 swings.

- Higher resource gains allows you to get more resources for the same hit. Considering the biggest oaks have 150 wood, no matter how many times you hit, with higher skill you will get 200 or more wood.

- Additionally, some people tend to calculate where that sweet spot is for making the tree have the lowest HP (squeezing every ounce of wood there is) before you one-hit destroy it and retrieve the last amount with the bonus.


In the end you have 4 ways to do this (artificial numbers, not reflecting what's in the game):

1. Hit 40 times the biggest oak and earn 150 wood.

2. Hit 20 times the biggest oak and earn 150 wood.

3. Hit 40 times the biggest oak and earn 200 wood.

4. Hit 20 times the biggest oak and earn 200 wood.

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If it's an either/or scenario and you've got unlimited resource blocks to mine, miner 69er is better. But you can easily put points into both perks and maximize both speed and yields, which is especially nice if you have to locate and exploit semi-limited resources such as lead, nitrate and coal in late game stages. Surface boulders just don't really cut it at that point.

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