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Cant run server. Win 2016


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Im remove all data, reinstall server and try to start with common config. Same problem in console:

2019-04-28T15:11:44 1.273 INF WinThread started

2019-04-28T15:11:44 1.326 INF Atlas reset took 115 ms

2019-04-28T15:11:44 1.327 INF Atlas load took 119 ms

2019-04-28T15:11:47 5.169 INF Block IDs withOUT mapping

2019-04-28T15:11:47 5.169 INF BlockIDs linear

2019-04-28T15:11:48 5.771 INF Item IDs withOUT mapping

2019-04-28T15:11:48 5.771 INF ItemIDs linear

HDR Render Texture not supported, disabling HDR on reflection probe.

2019-04-28T15:11:51 8.943 INF Generating county 'East Tobave County' using world seed '109314017'. World size (2048x2048)

2019-04-28T15:11:51 8.944 INF Started thread RWG

2019-04-28T15:11:51 8.950 INF WorldGenerator:Generating East Tobave County

2019-04-28T15:11:51 8.950 INF WorldGenerator:Generating Socket Data

2019-04-28T15:11:55 12.498 INF WorldGenerator:Smoothing height data

2019-04-28T15:11:55 13.259 INF WorldGenerator:Generating Biome Data

Biome Generator Missed 18732 Sockets

2019-04-28T15:11:58 15.508 INF WorldGenerator:Finished Generating Biome Data: Took 0 minutes 2 seconds

2019-04-28T15:11:58 15.508 INF WorldGenerator:Socket data generation took 0 minutes 6 seconds

2019-04-28T15:11:58 15.508 INF WorldGenerator:Generating Interstates

2019-04-28T15:11:58 15.629 ERR Error occurred, aborting generation!

2019-04-28T15:11:58 15.629 ERR Array index is out of range.

2019-04-28T15:11:58 15.630 ERR at WorldGenerationEngine.GenerationManager.GenerateInterstates () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0

at WorldGenerationEngine.GenerationManager.GenerateWorld (.ThreadInfo _threadInfo) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0

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