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Nomad Life (House Rules Random Map)


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This probably isn't an original idea, but me and some buddies just recently started a new random 7D2D game on Xbox One and we are calling it Nomad Life.


We don't necessarily have every setting set to the max although we might bump them up if we feel like we need to. The challenge is our House Rules:


*Random Map

*Can only use existing Forges, Work benches, Cement Mixer, Chem Station, etc. and can not remove/relocate them. For example if you want to build a Blunderbuss you would have to find a Forge on the map to make Forged Iron, then run to a work bench that you found somewhere else, etc.

* Can not build a base. Must use existing buildings. Minimal reinforcement is allowed, and very minimal defenses. Basically you can upgrade a wood wall, but can't upgrade to a new type (IE. scrap, metal, cement, etc.) Minimal reinforcement. Defenses basically are just slapping some wooden spikes down at the doors. Can't surround a building with a moat or spikes all the way around.

*Can not reuse the same location twice for a bloodmoon.

*Can't dig a mine to hide in.

*Limit of one campfire and maybe up to 2 chests at any one location to act as a cache.

*The general idea is that you are playing a complete scavenger lifestyle. Take what you can on the go and move on. You're never really safe and secure. There is no home.

Scrap whatever you can't use. The more players you have the better. One to carry food stuff, one to carry medical stuff, one to carry raw materials, etc.

*No farming allowed unless you replant a pre-generated field. (Tentative rule since we haven't found a farm yet)

*No fence glitching zombie hordes during bloodmoon.

*Minibikes are allowed but it took us about 4 in-game weeks to finally find the book and have enough parts. I will admit that this should be a game changer, but we will see. Just got the bikes and haven't run with them yet.

*Obviously creative mode is never allowed


We have found it pretty challenging especially on a random map where we don't know the locations of any existing useful assets. There are a few settings we could bump up if need be as well if it gets too easy. Takes some personal discipline not to bend or break the rules.


These are our current settings for reference:


Difficulty = Survivalist

Zombies Run = Default (only run at night)

Enemy Aggression = Normal

Daylight Length = 18

Drop on Death = Backpack Only

Drop on Quit = Nothing

Enemy Memory = 60

Enemy Spawing = Very High

Block Durability = 100

Loot Respawn Time = 5

Loot Abundance = 200

Air Drops = 24

24 Hour Cycle = 120

Mark Air Drops = On

Unowned Minibike Icons = On


Curious if anyone else has tried a variation on this. Or if they have their own creative House Rules.

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I should add that one benefit of this game mode is that the MD5 bug terrain rewrite becomes a non-issue. With no permanent settlement the game can wipe away as it pleases. Unless it happens to wipe out our minibikes... That would be unfortunate... Still not as heartbreaking as losing a mega base with hundreds of hours of goodies.

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