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7 days to die Mods German


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Guten Abend

Gibt es eine Mِglichkeit Mods so zu erstellen das sie beim Verbinden mit dem Server automatisch runtergeladen werden ohne sich die Mods selber noch separat runterladen zu müssen ?

Hab nun schon einige Seiten besucht ohne erfolg leider.

Ich hoffe hier kann mir jemand helfen

Danke schon mal im voraus.

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Good evening

Is there a way to create mods so that they are automatically downloaded when connecting to the server without having to download the mods themselves separately?

Have already visited some pages without success unfortunately.

I hope someone can help me

Thanks in advance.

This is an English speaking forum, so we ask that your posts are in English.


Any mod that is basically a "pure" xml edit will be pushed to your clients from the server. Currently localization.txt and the quests files do not always get pushed. I have heard of issues with custom POI's like Magoili's compo-pack not getting pushed, but have not personally experienced that yet. (Am actually using the compo-pack on one of my servers without an issue.)


I suppose the real question is what specific mods are you wanting to use on your server?

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