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Character reset to level 1 then base wiped


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Hi there fellow survivors!


I read that these 2 issues have been around for a while: Character being reset to level one and the bases getting wiped out. Today seems to have turned into a bad day. Started off with my character being reset to level one. Fixed that with cheats (unfortunately it seemed the only option). Played for a while logged out and logged back in a while later to find that my entire base is gone.


All of the help ideas seem to be from a year ago. My game did not crash prior to the log out. The game is PC based. The base was built from the Ranger Station POI in the desert biome (the one near the lake). The entire station was upgraded to concrete and steal (Nothing from the original POI remained). Are there any workarounds or options to restore the base? I had over 200 hours invested into this base. If I have to start over, I am probably done with this insanity.


Thanks in advance for any help provided!

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Base resetting is very rare, but when it happens, it is typically in a game POI. Unless you keep a regular backup of the region files, there is not a way to restore that.



One of the most common causes for your issue (outside of an improper client exit), is failure to exclude the client from security software. Namely your anti-virus software. Instructions on why and how are in the sticky FAQ thread.

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