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Has anyone fixed the stutter issues yet?


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So, I followed the directions on this thread,



and I'll go from running around 40/50 to sometimes 70/80, and as soon as I'm near a POI building or spawn location, or especially inside a building, I'll drop to 0-4 FPS.


This is absolutely abhorrent. Every month or so I'll try this game again and it's just been a steaming pile since 17 came out, which is sad because I haven't even really been able to play the update yet.


After waiting the year for this update, and then however long its been since the update... I just want to play again. This used to be my favorite game.




Has anyone found any kind of work around?



i7 7700


installed on SSD HDD

1050ti nvidia

(playing on laptop with charger attached**)

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playing on laptop

This is most likely your issue. As your CPU heats up, it lowers the clock rate, which ends up lowering your FPS significantly. The micro 1050 won't help you much either, even with the ti boost. Primarily the game is CPU-intensive, and that's where you're going to have serious issues on a laptop.


Get better cooling.



For reference....


Win 10

i7-3930k overclocked at 4.2GHz

16GB DDR3 RAM overclocked at @1600Mhz

GTX1060 6GB with stock OC

OS and game on SSD, save data on ultra-fast HDD's in RAID 0



On the vanilla game I average 70-95FPS with it more regularly in the 100's. Do have the drops into the 47-60 range when in buildings in cities. A horde night with the zed count at 32 will bring me into the 30's due to the large number of active entities.



I'm running with basically everything on full at 1920x1080 except Reflections, V-Sync, SSOA, DOF, and Sun Shafts are all turned off.


This is a desktop with a good positive pressure case, and more than sufficient airflow.

I should also note that my system in its current state probably benchmarks almost the same, or slightly higher than yours on CPU/RAM power. GPU is likely about double what you've got going on.

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Check your power settings. High Performance should get max power to your CPU, but others can limit the power, which makes your CPU run at a lower GHz setting. As SylenThunder said, it could be heat related. In that case it's possible that tweaking the power limits in your power settings could bring up your low-end FPS while decreasing the high-end.


Might also be an issue of RAM use, which can be somewhat mitigated through a larger paging file and Readyboost. RB increases CPU load but helps RAM load. Paging file is similar, but also relies on your HDD or SSD read/write speeds. I used to play this game on an AMD A8-3870 with no GPU and and setting Paging File to about 12GB with a 32GB Flash Drive for Readyboost helped a lot.


There have always been people who take issue with that, but it is effective regardless of opinions.

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What video settings are you using? I have a 1060 6G and pretty much run on the lowest settings. That said, I get a decent frame rate at those settings. 1080p and half size textures, with everything else on low works pretty well. A 1050 has 4G of ram so should be able to do half textures. Like Sylen said, heat may be an issue with a laptop. You could run an app like hwmonitor or msi afterburner with rivatuner to see if you are throttling because of temps. If that's the case, I think you're sol.

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