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How to put Mods through FTP on my Gameserver??

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Hey guys,


I'm pretty new to 7DTD with my 134 hours, but already got my own gameserver, and I wanted to add mods like SimpleUI on my server but as I figured out, I need that FTP Server programm, which is way to complicated for a new player... I searched now for like 4 days through the Internet, for an answer, how to handle this weird programm and how to add mods. Before some ppl ask, yes, I tried things on my own..

So I would be very thankful, if there is a person who got the time, and the nervs to explain me how to add mods.

Info: Don't wonder if I didnt wrote all words perfectly, english isn't my main language, so don't judge me ;-;

Imma sleep now, so don't wonder, when I won't answer within the next 12 hours. Thx already for those guys, who actually helped while I'm sleeping. See ya today or tomorrow, for me, it's actually 3am, dunno if you're all from 'Murica.

See ya soon!

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Couple of things some of those going to help you may need to know. Is this a home server you have or are you renting one? I think different hosters have different ways of letting you mod your system and I thought there are some that won't let you do it yourself at all. If they know which one you have there may already be someone out there who knows how to do what you ask.

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