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My game randomly crashes every 5-10 minutes. it runs fine other than that but it's unplayable with the crashing. I'll post some crash logs and PC specs. I doubt it's a hardware issue since it runs fine on my old pc that I gave to my little brother.

Any help would be appreciated.







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The server doesn't have any kind of mods but no a local game doesn't crash. I've uninstalled/reinstalled and verified the integrity of the game files through steam, is that what you mean by verifying the client files? Still getting the same prefab errors. The 3 other people on the server have no issue.

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Does a local game show the same prefab loading entries in the output log? What I'm getting at is trying to determine if they are coming from the server or from your game.


That aside, another thing you could try, though it might be painful, is this:


Start the game launcher, then select the "Tools" tab. In that menu select "Clean Game Data" then check off all the boxes and select "Clean"


When we initially upgraded from Alpha 16 to Alpha 17 there were lots of crashings and wierd errors. This "cleaning" step fixed that. This was with a 6 person

group, all of us had been using a lot of mods in A16 and all of us had to "Clean Game Data" to get anything to work right in A17.

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