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Adding harvesting to zombie corpses


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I was trying to add the harvesting option to zombie corpses much like animals have, but I couldn't get it to work. I tried adding these to the 'zombieMaleTemplate' but it doesn't inherit to all zombie types.


<drop event="Harvest" name="foodRawMeat" count="0" tool_category="Butcher"/> <!-- this triggers the special harvesting animation like on the knife -->
<drop event="Harvest" name="foodRawMeat" tag="butcherHarvest" count="30"/> <!-- animalStag -->

<drop event="Harvest" name="resourceAnimalFat" tag="butcherHarvest" count="4"/>
<drop event="Harvest" name="resourceFemur" tag="butcherHarvest" count="3"/>
<drop event="Harvest" name="resourceFemur" tag="allToolsHarvest" count="1"/>


It works in the Hawaiian Zombie block. Why doesn't it inherit to all and how would I be able to have it do that?

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