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Normal zombies are stuck sprinting whenever they spot a player

Ragnar The Fuzzy

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Title says it all... our server is set up for 2 hour real time days with normal horde night rotations(7th day) with normal run/walk/sprint settings. On our second horde night we noticed in the morning that the zombies started sprinting whenever they spotted a player/woke up. While ferals would be stuck walking at all times.


we tried to set the entire zombie list to walk reset the server and restarted it, then put it back to stock run settings. that fixed it for about 2 in game days then it happened again and now we Could not fix it even with everything set to walk(including ferals which are normally coded to always run). so our zombies were always sprinting unless they were of the feral/football class who are stuck walking.


The only potential fix we found was changing the difficulty settings through our server host. Not sure what exact step fixed it as we had given up on fixing it when it seemed to have fixed itself.


But initially we had dropped the difficulty due to the newer players being unable to do very much without dying(this did not fix the issue) and when they were finally used to the sprinting we upped the difficulty back to what it was set at originally(and miraculously the zombies started acting normal again).


Does anyone have an idea as to what happened here? It seems to me that what had happened was the game swapped what zombies are hard coded to sprint and which ones were coded to only sprint at certain times.

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